Information regarding the Adams County Sheriff's Office Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association accreditation:


What is Accreditation:

In July, 2001, the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association introduced its Law Enforcement Accreditation Program to help organizations evaluate and improve their performance. It promul gated standards, policies a nd procedure recognized as “Best Practices” throughout law enforc ement. Agencies seeking accreditation undertake a thorough analysis of their departments to determine how existing policies, procedures and practices can be adapted to meet these standards. Once done, independent certifie d professionals (Assessors) visit the agency to verify that all of the applicable sta ndards have been implemented.

It takes, on average, two years of difficult and complex work to achieve accreditation. After two intensive audits , if successful, the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission will grant accreditation.

We Have Been Recommended for Accreditation

After 2 ½ years of painstaking effort, I am now pleased to announce that we have been recommended for accreditation.

What Does This Mean

When I ran for re-election in 2010, I promis ed that my top priority would be to make the Sheriff’s Office one of the most professional in the County and region. Being accredited means I have kept my promise ; it is proof that we are among the elite group of professional law en forcement organizations within the Commonwealth now that we ha ve received accredited status.

Consider this. There are over 1,100 law enforcement agencies in Pennsylvania along with 67 County Sheriff’s Offices and the State Police. Of those, some 300 agencies have enrolled in the program and only 83 agencies have actually attained Accreditation since the program’s inception.

We are proud that the Adams Count y Sheriff’s Office will become just the 5th Sheriff’s Offices out 67 within the Commonwealth and the only Adams County Law Enforcement agency other than the State Police to have been Accredited. .

Why Become Accredited?

Ask yourself, “Would I want my child to attend an unaccredited school or college? Or send them to an unaccredite d library? Would I want to go to an unaccredited hospital ?” Accreditation is proof that our Sheriff’s Office is now among the best, most professional law enfo rcement agencies within Pennsylvania.

There are other benefits of Accreditation including:

  • Establishing a credible framework for evaluating agency practices and procedures.
  • Reducing agency risk and exposure to lawsuits.
  • Decreasing some liability insurance expenditures.
  • Improving law enforcement/community relations.
  • Increasing employee input, interaction and confidence in the agency.
  • Identifying and highlighting the capabilities and competence of the agency.
  • Furnishing a solid foundation for the agency to build upon for further progress.
  • Providing reliable methods to improve essential management.

Gettysburg Times article on the Accreditation.

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Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association supports, recommends and endorses the Adams County Sheriff’s Office for approval by the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Accreditation Commission for acceptance as an Accredited Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Agency.View Summary Here..